New guidelines for TYC Membership & volunteer hours

TYC membership is changing!

After many discussions, we are introducing some new guidelines for TYC Membership and eligibility for volunteer hours with the Toronto Youth Cabinet.

Introducing TYC Supporters

We recognize that there is some discrepancy in the work done by those involved in the TYC. To address this, we've created a new TYC Supporter category. TYC Supporters are those involved that have attended less than 3 of the last 7 Cabinet meetings and are not actively involved in a Working Group. TYC Supporters are welcome to join in conversations, participate in meetings, and attend events. TYC Supporters are not eligible for volunteer hours.

TYC Members

The Toronto Youth Cabinet is completely volunteer led and we really value all the effort and work put in by our members. That's why we have created these new membership guidelines: to show our appreciation for our volunteers and make membership more meaningful. TYC Members are now described as those who have attended at least 3 of the last 7 Cabinet meetings or who are actively involved in a Working Group. Like Supporters, TYC Members are able to join in conversations, participate in meetings, and attend events. TYC Members are also able to get volunteer hours for the work they do and meetings they attend and be eligible for special opportunities, including external advisory bodies and special events. 

When you make the jump from Supporter to Member, you will be able to receive volunteer hours accumulated to that point.

Only the Executive Director and Director of Internal Affairs are able to sign-off on volunteer hours.