Get Involved: TYC Innovate & TYC Summit

The Toronto Youth Cabinet is excited to announce the start of two very exciting new initiatives: TYC Innovate and the TYC Summit! We are currently looking to fill new leadership roles to help build each initiative. For more information, see each description below!

TYC Innovate

TYC Innovate is a series of collaborative workshops focused on digging deeper into the purpose, goals, and structure of the Toronto Youth Cabinet. Pulling from design thinking, systems thinking, and systems change methodology, TYC Innovate will serve as both governance review and strategic planning for the 2015-2016 term and beyond while engaging members and sharing new ways of solving problems.

When: Sundays in January to February 2016


Innovation Team (up to 10 positions)

– Members of the TYC Innovation Team will be responsible for helping set a new and exciting direction for the Toronto Youth Cabinet. Members would be responsible for attending all 3 sessions, which will take place over 3 Sunday afternoons in January and February of 2016 (exact dates to be confirmed). TTC tokens and lunch will be provided to participants.

TYC Summit

The TYC Summit is a one day conference that will bring together youth from across the city to understand the responsibilities of the executive team and core working groups, explore and discuss existing youth issues , develop a plan of action, and recognize their potential.

The Summit will consist of interactive workshops and activities that will provide youth with a better understanding of how to get involved with TYC and the change they can bring within their communities and the city. We will have the opportunity to be trained by professionals within the areas of Policy Development, Community Engagement, Public Relations, Council Relations, and Event Planning.

We hope to inspire youth beyond the summit to be a leader within their city and through TYC.

When: February/March 2016


Marketing & Communications Lead (1 position)

– Responsible for the outreach and promotion strategy for the Summit, which includes but not limited to: work with the team (especially the Sponsorship and Partnerships Lead) and graphic designer on the visual presentation and branding, develop outreach materials, and create, post, & track the social media and website messages.

Sponsorship & Partnerships Lead (1 position)

– Responsible for seeking out sponsorship and partnerships for the Summit, which includes but not limited to: work in conjunction with the Marketing & Communication Lead as well as the team to create a sponsorship package, reach out to and contact potential organizations to sponsor/partner with TYC for the Summit.

Logistics Lead (1 position)

– Responsible for organizing and overseeing the logistics for the day of the Summit, which includes but not limited to: work with the team to book rooms at the City Hall, train volunteers on their respective responsibilities, work with Registration Lead and Workshop Organizers to ensure that all required materials are available on the day of the event as well as confirm the final schedule for the day of the Summit.

Registration Lead (1 position)

– Responsible for overseeing registration details of the Summit, which includes but not limited to: work with the Communications & Marketing Lead on promoting the event and securing attendees, answer questions from potential attendees prior to and on the day of the Summit, engage attendees prior to the Summit, create feedback survey that will be distributed to the attendees after the Summit, and work with the Workshop Organizers and Logistics Lead to ensure all materials are available on the day of the event and to confirm the schedule for the day.

Workshop Organizer (3 positions)

– Responsible for organizing individual workshops that will be held simultaneously at the Summit, which includes but not limited to: establish goals and outcomes for workshops, create outlines of the contents to be used for the workshops, contact potential facilitators and speakers to deliver the sessions, work with speakers and facilitators to ensure that the workshops are educational/informative, fun, and engaging, and work with the Registration and Logistic Leads to confirm the materials and schedule for the day of the Summit.

To apply for any of the above positions, please fill out this online form by December 11th at 11:59pm.

For questions about TYC Innovate, please email our Executive Director, Tom Gleason at

For questions about the TYC Summit, please email our Director of Internal Affairs, Munessa Beehuspoteea at