TYC Briefing Notes

The TYC will be leading an advocacy strategy focused on issues impacting youth in the City of Toronto. One aspect of the strategy will require Working Groups to identify key issues/positions related to their working group, and hear from young people themselves on how these issues impact them and their communities. Learn more below:

  • Budget: In a matter of weeks, City Council will approve Toronto's 2019 budget. The TYC supports the use of more revenue tools to sustainably fund City operations and capital investments. We also call on Council to maintain funding for the programs that youth rely on.

  • Community Safety: Toronto's Youth Pre-diversion Program directs youth who have convicted minor offences to community agencies. But, do we know how effective the program is? The TYC calls for greater transparency.

  • Education: Are we adequately supporting the mental health of Toronto's youth in schools? We could do better. The TYC calls on TDSB and TCDSB to make mental health frameworks mandatory for every school in the city. 

  • Employment and Equity: In Toronto, young people graduating from post-secondary institutions face challenges turning degrees into labour market outcomes. We call on City Council to support in reconciling the youth skills gap.

  • Newcomer: Newcomer youth face many barriers to integration. Education should not be one of them. We call for increased supports in elementary and secondary schools and post-secondary institutions for newcomer youth.

  • Transit: Did you know that 48% of all travel by youth in Toronto is on public transit? We call for a reliable and affordable surface transit network.

  • Urban Health and Housing: Youth experiencing homelessness encounter many barriers in accessing harm reduction supports. The TYC calls on Toronto Public Health and the City of Toronto collaborate and track data in mandating Naloxone training, as recommended in the Toronto Overdose Action Plan.