Join the TYC 2019-2020 Leadership Team!

What am I expected to do?

  • Attend monthly Leadership Team meetings, monthly Cabinet meetings, and the occasional Executive Team meeting

  • Support the TYC’s Working Groups

  • Ensure that the overall direction given from the Cabinet is in line with the TYC’s mission statement, long-term vision and anti-oppressive framework.

  • Collectively lead the development of an annual work plan for the TYC directed by the membership (i.e. identify issues and then take action on them)

  • Play an advocacy and lobbying role on behalf of the TYC (i.e. deputations, speaking to committees, meetings with Councillors, etc.)

  • Remain up-to-date on all TYC-related initiatives and provide support

  • Keep members informed and involved

  • Consistently attend all Cabinet meetings

  • Ensure that the positions taken on by the TYC are consistent within the executive and the entire organization through ongoing communication with all members of the TYC

  • Ensure that all approved TYC initiatives are adequately resourced

  • Support and Working Groups, as interest may arise

  • Make decisions on time-sensitive issues while still ensuring that they are respectful of the mission of the TYC

  • Miss no more than two (2) meetings without prior notice and reason to the Executive Director

You are expected to serve a full term from May 2019 - May 2020 This commitment will take approximately 3 to 4 hours per week, depending on the role. Meetings typically take place during the evenings and weekends, most often at Toronto City Hall. TTC tokens are provided for all transportation related to TYC work.


Benefits of joining the Executive Team:

  • Gain senior leadership experience

  • Personal development support

  • Learn about City Hall & municipal governance

  • Networking opportunities

  • Meet local decision-makers

2019-2020 Executive Positions

Executive Director
The Executive Director is responsible for the management of the Executive Team and the organization as a whole. Responsibilities include: creating and executing the Annual Work Plan, responding to external requests, acting a liaison with City staff, ensuring the overall direction of the organization is in line with the Constitution and membership, membership development, and working with the Coordinator on funding, policy, and personnel issues. Commitment for this position will exceed the 4 to 5 hours outlined above.

Director of Internal Affairs
The Director of Internal Affairs is responsible for the internal management of the the organization, including: human resource management, conflict resolution, developing policies and procedures for the organization, managing the member progress tracking system, membership development, and preparing for Cabinet meetings.

Director of Stakeholder Engagement
The Director of Stakeholder Engagement is responsible for engaging existing partners and stakeholders, researching potential collaborators, assisting Working Groups in the development of relationships with external organizations, and supporting the Advisory Board.  

Director of Council Relations
The Director of Council Relations is responsible for building relationships between Councillors and the Cabinet, supporting Working Groups in their relations with Council, reporting to the Executive Team and the membership on the actions of City Council, and furthering the relationship with the Office of the Mayor.

Director of Public Relations
The Director of Public Relations is responsible for overseeing all of the TYC's social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat), developing and executing a digital media strategy, acting as media liaison, maintaining the TYC website, and supporting Working Groups in the promotion of projects and initiatives.

Director of Policy & Advocacy
The Director of Policy & Advocacy is responsible for identifying policy and advocacy issues where TYC can intervene, researching and analyzing City policies and strategies, making recommendations to the Cabinet on policy and advocacy positions.

Director of Organizational Development
The Director of Organizational Development is responsible for planning training days, developing civic literacy materials for the membership, preparing presentations on significant civic issues to be delivered at Cabinet meetings.


Should you have any questions regarding the contents of this application, please send all inquiries to

Application Deadline: April 7th, 2019 (11:59pm)