TYC Budget Deputations

Following our Budget Break Down and Deputation Training, we had several incredible spoken and written deputations take place across the City. Some of which caught the eye of reporters covering the budget and some City Councillors.

You can take a look below at these incredible deputations!

Spoken Deputations

Our Budget Lead, Michael Manu, deputing Scarborough Civic Centre.

Our Transit Lead, Eli Aaron, deputing City Hall.

Our Budget Working Group Member, Lauren Craik, deputing at City Hall.

Our Equity and Employment Working Group Member, Omar Ameen, deputing at the North York Civic Centre.

Our Transit Working Group Member, Chris Gusz, deputing at Scarborough Civic Centre.

Written Deputations

  • Read the written deputation done by our Education Lead Ann Nguyen here.

  • Read the written deputation done by our Urban Health Working Group member Carolyn Abel here.