The Toronto Youth Cabinet endorses the Toronto Can Do Better campaign

Toronto is becoming more and more inequitable. 1 in 4 children live in poverty—100,000 households are on the subsidized housing waitlist, waitlists for affordable recreation programs have grown to 189,000, TTC service is inadequate in many inner-suburban communities, and the homeless death toll has just surpassed 70 in 2017.

Toronto’s youth are tired of waiting for investments in housing, transit, and good jobs, as well as services we can count on to help reduce poverty and make life more affordable in the city.

As the City’s official youth advisory body, we are deeply concerned about the 2018 budget. Rather than responding to the urgent needs of Torontonians and costing ambitions, a direction to freeze spending has been set. This will ultimately result in negative service level impacts, and therefore negatively impact Toronto’s youth. We have already been feeling the negative effects of continuous status-quo budgets.

City Council has promised services and investments, but they have not funded them yet. The 2018 budget is our chance to make a real difference.

These are just some of the reasons as to why we are endorsing the Toronto Can Do Better campaign. The campaign is calling for the Mayor and Council to deliver on their promises that they have already adopted. To fund these promises, it would cost homeowners an extra $3 a week in taxes. $3 a week to invest in services for us all. Toronto Can Do Better!

Take action by contacting your Councillor here:

Riley Peterson                                                        Edna Ali                                                Budget Lead                                                          Executive Director

Created by City Council in 1998, the Toronto Youth Cabinet is a youth-led advocacy organization and the official youth advisory body of City of Toronto. Through outreach, engagement and training, the TYC provides a  critical gathering place for diverse young people interested in making change within a municipal governance context.


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