Deputation at the July 2016 TTC Board Meeting

Toronto Youth Cabinet Gives Deputation at TTC Board Meeting

For Immediate Release

Toronto — On Monday, July 11th 2016, Bri Gardner will be speaking at the Toronto Transit Commission Board Meeting on behalf of the Toronto Youth Cabinet. They will be speaking on item 5 of TTC Board meeting agenda which pertains to the Fare Policy. The deputation will primarily touch upon the youth surveyed on behalf of the Toronto Youth Cabinet, their responses, and providing an accessible and equitable alternative to the elimination of tickets and tokens.

Bri Gardner is the Transit Lead for the Toronto Youth Cabinet and has been an engaged member of the Cabinet, working hard on developing our summit. Since taking over as the Transit Lead, an issue area they chose to spearhead on behalf of the Toronto Youth Cabinet, they have conducted a survey with hundreds of respondents, aged 13 to 24. This survey primarily dealt with the ways in which young people use public transit across the city, for how long they took it everyday, and which method they usually paid with.

Key findings:

60% of respondents said that they were between the ages of thirteen and eighteen
96% of those surveyed fall under the TYC's classification of youth (13­[24) while a larger number falls under the City of Toronto's definition of youth (13-­29).
31% of youth lived in Scarborough
18% lived downtown
44% of usual commutes took about thirty minutes to one hour

A majority of youth respondents said, that as students, they found the TTC too expensive, even with the discounted fare, and one respondent suggested discounting it further when the purpose of a trip is to travel back and forth to school.

For inquiries:
Aliya Bhatia
Director of Community Engagement
Toronto Youth Cabinet