Deputation at the June 2016 Budget Committee

On Wednesday, June 22, 2016, our Executive Director gave a deputation at the Budget Committee, outlining TYC's position on BU22.4 2017 Budget Process - Budget Directions and Schedule. The Toronto Youth Cabinet's position is as follows:

Whereas the City of Toronto Budget Committee has put forward three recommendations to balance the 2016 city budget as outlined in item BU22.4, to be considered at the June 22, 2016 Budget Committee; and

Whereas all three options propose reductions to services that directly impact youth, especially those in marginalized communities; and

Whereas the options available for community engagement in the budget process is inaccessible, particularly  for youth and marginalized communities; therefore

Be it resolved that the Toronto Youth Cabinet support an option with minimal decreases to prevent important service reductions; and

Be it further resolved that this decrease support a freeze on TTC and TCHC funding; and

Be it further resolved that the Toronto Youth Cabinet support the creation of youth-targeted budget process engagement tools, and additional in-person outreach by the City. 

The video of the deputation can be viewed below: