Fare Equity

Fare Equity means affordable and accessible transit prices. Youth need fares that they can afford with a low income - and we're here to advocate for these fares.

Extend hours of places and offices that sell student IDs: Right now student IDs are only sold at Sherbourne station between 3 and 7 PM which leaves it inconvenient for those who work

Create more avenues in which students can buy student IDs: Right now student IDs are only sold at Sherbourne station leaving it inaccessible and inconvenient for many

Rename student IDs to Youth IDs as not all 19 year olds who can reap the discounted metropass fall under the category of enrolled students

Create student and low-income pricing for initial one-time PRESTO card fee

Create one-time fee mechanism: For low-income youth, a $20 minimum PRESTO upload is hard to do.

Create avenues or systems in which youth can load more money on their PRESTO card in stations and effective immediately without having to access it online.

Work with TTC Board to create a Youth Advisory Body on the TTC Board to have better youth representation and say in matters of fare equity.


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Health & Safety

Public transit should be a safe space for everyone.

Run concurrent and sporadic tests on the heating and cooling and alternate precipitation management systems non-seasonally.

Create and enforce a mandate that all transit operators and fare inspectors have to undergo Anti-Oppression and Defence related training to support women and non-binary folk and create a safe space.

Make public when and how TTC buses and trains undergo cleaning and hygiene inspections.

Institute a "most-wanted" list and advisory group that is made up of women, non-binary folk, people of colour, and mental health advocates and survivors to create a system in which known predators may not act again.

Create an anonymised and accessible reporting system to allow passengers to report sexual harassment, assault, and people.


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Future Projects

Want to read more about new plans for the TTC? This is the place to do that. Read us here and then let us know your thoughts by emailing us at bri@thetyc.ca or filling in the form below.

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Interested in further research of the TTC's policies, plans for the future, and processes, go to the TTC Board's Page here.

Then, let us know your thoughts!


If the TTC isn't working for some of us, it's not working for all of us. Here are our recommendations to make moving across the city accessible.

Create PRESTO machines and tap areas that are accessible to all.

Make the PRESTO upload website AODA compliant to accommodate text to speech and other accessibility platforms.

Ensure that by 2018 all subway platforms are accessible and not reliant on stairs or strenuous activity.

Create opportunities and conduct outreach to ensure at least two youth members on the Accessibility committee of the TTC board to represent youth with disabilities.

Enforce a new rule that ensures all short-term TTC line closures are advertised and informed using digital and traditional avenues at least two weeks ahead of occurrence.


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