Get Involved

Please note that TYC membership is open to youth between the ages of 13 and 24 who live, work, or learn in the City of Toronto. 

To get involved:
- Sign up for our monthly newsletter, which includes regular opportunities to get involved in projects and a run-down of what's happening at City Hall. You can see past issues of our newsletter here.
- Attend a Cabinet Meeting (they happen on the second Thursday at City Hall from 6-8pm). Learn about our meeting structure here and what to expect at your first Cabinet Meeting here!
- Get involved in an open Working Group (See below!) 

Learn more about our new Supporter and Member categories, plus how you can get volunteer hours by clicking here

Working Groups

A great way to get involved in the TYC is to join one of  working groups! Working Groups are where projects are launched and supported with the help of our Executive Team and other members. For more information on these, click here.



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