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TYC Civic Toolbox

City Hall 101 + Creating Change

The TYC Civic Toolbox is a free, online tool for young Torontonians to learn all about their municipal government and how they can have their voices heard and make an impact.

The Civic Toolbox was designed by youth for youth, but can be used with Torontonians of any age!

The TYC Civic Toolbox contains:

- An interactive workshop

- Facilitator's guide

- Online resources for creating change and influencing local decision-makers


Insert description of Workshop, including length, ideal number of participants, supplies required

Facilitator's Guide


Insert description of Guide, including preparation time.


Insert description of three materials: Deputation, Writing to your member, Understanding Staff Reports, and Getting Involved

Created by: Khadija Aziz & Tom Gleason

Special Thanks to: Arjun Sahota, Alex Lavasidis, Andrea Austen, Kamla Sudama, Nishi Kumar, Hamdi Jimale, the 2016-17 TYC Leadership Team, and the TYC Advisory Board.